Anaconda Basses

Anaconda Basses

Anaconda Basses

Anaconda Basses is making its second appearance at the London Bass Guitar Show.  They are excited to be there and will be taking along some great new Basses.

Since the last show, a few of their basses have been reviewed by Bass Guitar Magazine and received 10/10 on build quality and sound quality.  Their roster of Endorsers continues to grow.  Already established models the Crusher, Constrictor, Tribute and Ultra J will be on display at the show.  All instruments have the same qualities of Monster Tone, great looks and playability and are available as 4,5 & 6 string basses.

To date, all their basses have been lacquer finished.  Their new oil finished basses will be debuting at the show.

Special Offers:

All Basses that are available to buy on the day will be available at a Special Show Price.
They will also be taking orders on the day.  All custom basses ordered on the day and for one month afterwards, will also benefit from the  Special Show Discount.  


Over the two days, the Basses will be demoed by Anaconda Endorsers, and you’ll get a chance to see and hear exactly why they choose Anaconda Basses.


The basses will be available to try out with a couple of excellent rigs.  A Glockenklang Blue Sky head coupled with a pair of TC Electronic 112 Cabinets and a Little Mark II into Mark Bass Traveller 102P.

They are looking forward to seeing you all at the show.

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