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I proudly present the Lowlander. Yeah!

This thing has character! It has that vintage thunder, that made the T-bird famous. The overall sound is fat, thick and growly. Or better call it dirty. The pickups sound direct and punchy, with a huge low end. The cedar wood adds a surprisingly warm and versatile touch. Yet it’s not just thunder, it also has some lightning. There’s enough clarity in the sound to make Fender lovers turn their heads. This bass is a delicate blend of vintage character and some modern adjustments. The modern adjustments are hidden in the construction. The vintage character mostly has to do with looks, sound and playability. Like any neckthrough there is a natural compression which makes it very suitable for playing with a pick.

With help of some friends I was able to get exact measurements from several vintage T-birds. If anything can be learned from that, it is that there was hardly a standard for dimensions in the 60’s. The measurements varied wildly. Which is cool, because I wanted to do my own thing in the first place. It gave me at least some sort of loose reference point.


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