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Safran Basses

In 2008 I designed and built my first solid body bass. That followed by several others for another two years. In 2010, my son "Safran" was born. I named my instruments after him, I designed my 'S' logo and it all began. Since the beginning, I focused entirely on passive, hollow body electric basses. In addition to my electric basses, in 2016, I developed an archtop bass which I named "Iris". I am proud to announce the addition of "Iris" to the selection of my musical instruments.

At the age of fourteen, I had my first electric bass. The bass virus got into my blood and I found myself practising all the time. Practising, rehearsing with bands, gigging, quite literally bass guitar became my life. 

Pursuing a career as a musician requires absolute love and dedication to the craft and I realised that I had that love and dedication to the instrument itself, ELECTRIC BASS. 

I found a school in Belgium where I could learn this 'mysterious' craft called lutherie. That's where I learnt the basics of lutherie and the importance of using traditional hand tools. Blending traditional methods with modern techniques and my approach to lutherie, I have been trying to bring out the full potential of Safran Basses as musical instruments.

One could build a good bass guitar choosing the right species of wood and using quality pickups, electronics and hardware. However, to build a musical instrument, I personally select only the best of the right species of wood, wind my pickups, build my bridges, carve the ‘S’afran sound hole and french polish it by hand. My musical instruments, Safran basses, truly handmade! ‚Äč

United Kingdom
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