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Back in 2009 Stone Deaf was just a thought of what might be. Starting with a pedal collection then an obession moving on to design and manufacture of our own pedals seemed like a pipe dream but determination and good people helped Stone Deaf to move into unknown territory and hit the ground running.

By 2010 Stone Deaf had produced its first pedal, the PDF-1. This is where it all started with a clone and improvement on the original Maestro MPF-1 designed for Gibson Corporation back in the 1970's by the Synth genius that was Bob Moog.

This pedal was so vastly different than any other guitar pedal that it made sense to improve upon it. Active circuitry became Stone Deaf's "thing" because it could give the guitarist a very wide range of tone and something that those involved in Stone Deaf also craved. As a group of people here at Stone Deaf we don't design stuff that follows a trend...we set the trend because the trend doesnt fit with our needs or many of our customers.

Our quality is produced because we manufacture our products ourselves in Huddersfield (England). We are one of but a handful of guitar amplifier and pedal producers that manufacture our products "in house" with our own electronic assembly line of machinery everyone chips in to the production. We don't use cheap labour, we don't use cheap components and we give you our customers a lot of value for your money.

Amplifiers and guitar pedals produced by Stone Deaf are completely unique and thats the way we like it. If you want something generic then you've come to wrong place. We craft tone like no other so if thats what you crave then welcome to the world of Stone Deaf.

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