The Luthiers’ Room

At this year's show we'll be offering you the chance to solve your gear problems with hands-on help from the professionals in our dedicated Luthiers' Room NEW-LUTHIERS ROOM TIMETABLE VERSION 2   The Alchemy of Tone and the Anatomy of Signal Quality With a career spanning 40 years, Chris May of Overwater Basses is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable and respected bass designers and makers in the business today. Bringing his vast experience of working directly with “first call” professionals, Chris will describe the challenges presented to players working in theatre pits, TV studios and live stages around the world - and will discuss the relationship between the aesthetics of tone and requirements of signal quality - the importance of being heard for all the right reasons… Setting Up Your Bass: Maximum Playability and Performance Sandberg Guitars founder Holger Stonjek will be advising bassists on the best ways to set up bass guitars for maximum playability and performance. Holger will be helping you out with more or less any aspect of bass guitar setup. You can ask him anything from determining the correct neck bow to how far the pickup should be from the strings to how to work with the truss rod! He will also be talking about the sound of different woods, and discussing what attack and sustain mean in terms of the woods we use. Elements of Bass Design Long-established bass luthier Jon Shuker has been designing and making basses for none other than Stranglers bassist Jean Jacques Burnel since 2006. We're incredibly lucky to have Jon at the LBGS this year, discussing elements of bass design taken from his own workshops on the subject. There's no aspect of bass design that Jon doesn't know inside out, from tonewoods to neck angles to hardware and beyond, so make sure you don't miss out! Never Mind The Wattage, Here's The Barefaced Truth Readers of Bass Guitar Magazine may remember the excellent articles on cabs, amps, acoustics and all other bass geekery written by Barefaced founder Alex Claber. After almost a decade of helping bassists nail their sound when using Barefaced cabs, Alex will be talking about how to get past the technical waffle and work out how to put together a great rig, from bass via amp and pedals to speakers, for whatever gigs you may be doing. This is not about how to design speakers, this is not about buying the latest and greatest gear. "Never Mind The Wattage, Here's The Barefaced Truth." Fanned-frets with Sheldon Dingwall Sheldon Dingwall pioneered the use of Fanned-frets in the bass world in the early 1990s and has been building Fanned-fret basses exclusively ever since. Dingwall basses have become the standard by which all fanned-fret basses are compared. Artists such as Leland Sklar and Adam “Nolly” Getgood have been using Fanned-fret Dingwall basses for years. Sheldon will go through the history of the Fanned-fret system, the benefits and the why this interesting technology is seeing such a surge in popularity both live and in the studio, ending with a Q&A.    
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