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Peter Hook


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Sometime Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook is no stranger to the LBGS, and never a man to sit still for long, Peter is currently compiling a book of memorabilia and taking his Substance tour to the US with his band The Light for a series of shows. The LBGS is a chance for him to interact with his fans, he tells us: “It’s very rewarding to educate, inspire and entertain. I always enjoy taking questions and explaining how the bass-lines came about. It's a wonderful compliment to inspire anyone, especially when I'm passing on the inspiration I received from the likes of Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols and Paul Simonon from The Clash. To cross the generations like that is humbling. Bass playing is vastly underrated and it's always annoyed me that the bass player is the butt of many jokes, so it's good to be able to shine a light on our plight!” 

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